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Kelly Allen
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OK It works now. Judd! You are a member of a very good Dojo. I am positive that they will teach you at your level whether it is one on one or not. Our Dojo is relitively small member wise so I often end up with one on one instruction. This is good in that Sensie will pic apart my flaws, but it is important to be able to try the technics on a number of different body types. Aside from that other things that will help in your training is reading. Some must reads are "Aikido The Dynamic Sphere" and "Aikido For Teaching and Training". Ukemi is also VERY important. If you can learn the proper way to fall you tend to feel the proper way to throw. I recently obtained an exellent tape on Ukemi by Sensie Bookman from the Seattle Aikikai. If you get a chance watch it. Lastly try to get to some seminars. Sometimes a different perspective can help clear up a stumbling point you may have on a technic or concept. Don't try and rush your training because there will be something to learn for the rest of your life.
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