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Hmm...I don't think I have a problem with my rate of progress, I love every minute of practice ! And I don't think my motivation in seeking more training is to jump ahead of my fellow students, afterall, we're all in this together! But it's when an instructor throws me, or allows me to throw him, that I can really feel mistakes. They (teachers) know where to resist, how to test and what to point out. When we pause in a technique, for instance, and my arms are re-posistioned by the teacher, or my feet, or whatever, I seem to remember the feeling of my body at that moment and it acts as sort of a checkpoint for me to get to each time. If I had one-on-one training, I could figure our tons of these little checkpoints to help me remember how something should feel, and maybe avoid bad habits from forming.

However, as much as I struggle, I would never question the methods of any instructor, and I totally respect the way we train, even though I may not know the "big-picture". I think the "why" question is a natural one for a student, but I see your point, the path to find the answer can teach more than the answer itself.

Thanks for the responses! Does anyone else have other thoughts?
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