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Re: Private Lessons?

Judd Mercer (Judd) wrote:
I was wondering if anyone has had any experience in taking one-on-one lessons with an instructor from your dojo apart from regular classes. I seem to learn a great deal faster when working with someone who is much more experienced, as I assume most people do, and I think some one-on-one practice could help me a lot. My question is: Is asking an instructor about private training bad etiquette?
good question. for a time over the summer I was the only student going to our sunday practices and so I was the recipient of much one on one instruction with my sensei. good stuff. the only difference was occasionally cutting short our time.

as a fencing instructor I live by private lessons/one-on-one. in fact, even when the Salle meets I prefer taking fencers one at a time when my time allows.

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