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Jonathan Wong wrote:
Really, how can you say yonkyo relies on the pressure point pain when ikkyo actually works without pain? They are only slight variations on each other. Even without hitting the pain spot, yonkyo is sometimes easier than ikkyo--that's why I voted "not at all."
I would take this statement one step further to say that any technique designed to actively cause pain to a willing participant is abuse. If abuse is condoned, then we all take turns being abusers, whether it be in the role of uke and tori, or sensei and deshi.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that we shouldn't feel any pain, I actually feel my fair share of it from practice. But applying pain to someone willing to go along with it just so they can turn around and do it to me means that I need therapy. Why not take turns whipping each other a la the Marquis de Sade?
Ian wrote:
P.S. I actually get a weird buzz out of the pain aikido gives me - particularly the next day.
It's addictive too, especially with the Irish.

Jim Vance
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