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Hi all.
My name's Chris, been practicing Aikido for about 3 months now. A few questions might be more appropriate in more direct forums, but this is my first post, so let me off on this one. The list of questions proceeds:

1. I've noticed there are different organizations, like ASU (of which my dojo is associated with). Are there any real divisions between these groups?

2. Could any of ya'll give me some advice on weapons purchasing? I've heard some say to buy more expensive jo and bokken, mainly because they last longer and are of a better quality. However, they probably will break, and for that reason some say to buy the cheaper red-oak weapons. Input, please? I'm probably go over to bujin's or kingfisher's or SDK's websites and order from them. Good ol' mom and dad.
Gomen nasai if any of you think I'm an ignorant buffoon!

Tou wa ichiji no haji,
towanu wa matsudai no haji
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