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This thread has produced some very quotable material; almost as good as Haper's Index. Thanks, all, and especially Mr. Carbone for starting it!
Matt Rice (MattRice) wrote:
I feel two ways about all of this:

1. Crap, you mean I'm busting my @ss in the dojo nightly just so I can get cracked by a low grade boxer and not be able to do anything about it?

2. So what. 'nother Guiness please...
Peter A Goldsbury wrote:
If aikidoists are generally past it by the age of 40 in any case, then perhaps we need rules and weight categories.
Peter Rehse wrote:
I spent 30 minutes doing Judo randori with a 16 year old. He was good but I dominated in the beginning, by the end I was dog meat. On the ground gasping for breath (over 40) I kept thinking I should have throated him when I had the chance.
Deja vu.
Young-In Park wrote:
Even after 2000+ rounds, I'm still working on the trigger pull with my finger...But, apparently for reasons beyond my limited comprehension, some people in Aikido do their techniques with, in my opinion, too much speed and strength. And in Aikido, you're moving more body parts than just your finger...
Intimations of Zeno's paradox here.
Young-In Park wrote:
Take the ball and throw it at the child as hard as you can - because in "real life," nobody is going to count to three and throw underhanded at a slow speed...The child (or target) will never catch the ball nor learn to catch it.
Good for children and beginners, and then?

Thanks, again.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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