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Peter A Goldsbury (Peter Goldsbury) wrote:
If aikidoists are generally past it by the age of 40 in any case, then perhaps we need rules and weight categories.
Some of the best players in Competitive Aikido are past 40, and there are no weight categories.

I also personally know a number of superbly conditioned Aikidoists that would give your average boxer a run for his money - in fact if all the guy does is box I pity the boxer.

There is an old saying. Before you take on an old man find out what sort of young man he was. I have the strange feeling that Chiba or Nariyama for instance would finish something long before youthful stamina had a chance to make a difference.

Now last night I spent 30 minutes doing Judo randori with a 16 year old. He was good but I dominated in the beginning, by the end I was dog meat. On the ground gasping for breath (over 40) I kept thinking I should have throated him when I had the chance. Then I smiled, got up and got tossed some more. I do Budo for pleasure.

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