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paul watt (paw) wrote:
Huge appreciation for Messrs. Linden and Modesto's candor and honesty.


Agreed. On the other hand, K Chiba entered the Aikikai Hombu as a live-in deshi when the Founder was aged 72, clearly well past his physical prime. To judge from the interviews on AJ and other sites, this 20-year old, pretty well-versed in how to attack, was completely overwhelmed by the experience of trying to attack, and take uke, for O Sensei. Or is Chiba Shihan romanticizing about his experiences?

I agree entirely on the need for senior instructors to be honest about their abilities, to keep in shape, and to train sufficiently that they can handle their own students who cross-train and attack hard.

But I do not believe in throwing the baby out with the bath water, which seems to be the general tenour of where this thread has wandered to. If aikidoists are generally past it by the age of 40 in any case, then perhaps we need rules and weight categories.

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