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Blush! Tekken

All these VF posts... Makes a die-hard Tekken fan cry
The closest we've ever seen to "aikido" on a video game is, I believe, the Nina character from Tekken fame...

The one thing I enjoy about these games are the "counter" features.
If you looked at most of the counter moves in Tekken, and not just for Nina (Kazama Jin comes closer to an aikidoka, imho), there's a definite aikido influence there. Jin does a nasty ikkyo nage as a counter.
[quote]although they certainly don't claim "aikido" as her art anymore (I think they did in Tekken 2), and she never really was close anyway. [quote]*looking up the manual...* If I remember correctly, no one was ever said to be an aikido/aikijutsuka... But aikido is based on several other arts (karate, jiujutsu), so it's not hard to see stuff that looks similar.

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