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Colin Clark
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Nikkyo mechanics


I've been doing Aikido for just a few months now, at my university. I have a really great teacher (Chris Mooney; 6th dan shidoin), but there's one thing I'd like to check before I head off to class: it's the positioning of your hands in the technique "nikkyo". I'm talking about it from the point of view of responding to someone grabbing my wrist.

I know that I kind of grab their wrist then, and twist it round, but I'm not sure how to link my hands/arms around theirs, and how to do the move. Is there a drawing somewhere of where I should put my hands? Or a step-by-step one diagram? Videos are usually too zoomed out for me to see how it works...

I'd appreciate some help.

Oh, and this is my first message here. ::waves::
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