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Of course, everybody will believe what they want to believe, but their have been many reports of him being a wife-beater and generally an arrogant person and being to rough with the extras on his movie sets. I have seen these interviews, but you could say they said it to get their 10 minutes of fame. Everybody has heard the stories about Gene Labelle choking him out and him pooping in his pants. Quote from Black Belt Magazine: "There are other stories of LeBell's prowess circulating around the martial arts community, including the time on a movie set that he reportedly sneaked up behind a noted actor and black belt and choked out the gentleman, allegedly causing the film star to lose sphincter control."

You may even question his Budhism. Why do some point this out. There are several "devout" Christian movie stars (and NFL footbal players) that screw up left and right and are in the papers regularly.

Nobody is perfect, we are all human and have made mistakes we are not proud of. If anything, I have yet to see an actor do what he did for Aikido as Chuck Norris did for Karate.

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