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I feel two ways about all of this:

1. Crap, you mean I'm busting my @ss in the dojo nightly just so I can get cracked by a low grade boxer and not be able to do anything about it?

2. So what. 'nother Guiness please...

But seriously folks, What can we do? Go around challenging boxers to see if we get beat? Worry about it all the time so it ruins our practice? Cross train in different arts till my wife kicks me out of the house?

For myself, I have to accept that I won't win the Championship or beat the boxer or get down to 1% body fat or whatever (where's that Guiness anyway..?). I practice Aikido because I can't imagine not doing so. I practice it with martial intent becuase, well because women and men whom I respect with vastly more experience that I tell me I should. I don't get into "Well if it isn't going to work then why..." cuz that would drive me nutso.

I too appreciate this discussion: so much different than the usual aikido vs. whatever training method etc.
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