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I am very sorry if you are confused about the subtle distinction of conversation regarding weapons in marital arts (S&M) and Martial arts, (harmonies, ordomination and oppression.) I practice Aikido and weapons to clarify my spirit, I do not presume to teach. My weapons practice, weather the sen of a sword or the line of thought, are about distinguising between a potentially fruitful conflict, where a growth may arise, from arguements of petty battles which are interested in small ends and views, and not the shared benefit of life for all, including the agressor. I Do not confuse victory with domination. I Choose victory.

As for the begining of aikido, little trees (shaolin) existed long before being called such. That O'sensei named the art in 1949 is not enough to convince me that the spirit of this art we share is less than timeless and universal. To give all the power to one moment in time and to place the burden of our quest on the memory and shoulders of one man, who was a shinto practitioner and saw gods and demons and teachers and harmony in all the unverse, seems to me to deny the experience he had- that our art and our teacher is ultimately the universe. If people want to say becoming like Ueshiba Morihei is the ends our Aikido training, that is their business, and have at it. I Honor the moon, and respect the finger that points at it, and believe there is a distinction.

thank you for Training!
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