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Paul Nowicki (Talon) wrote:
Why even bother training Aikido (as a martial art)? Are we all really fooling ourselves about this art? I understand that Aikido is more than a martial art with its philosophy, spiritual element etc. If thats all it is then why even bother with the martial aspect?

If its so innefective when tested against modestly trained opponents why bother training the Aikido martial aspect?
<sigh!> Another variation of the often maligned "Does Aikido Work?" thread...

If someone wanted to learn how to shoot a gun, they would go to a gun range. Typically after classroom instruction, they would practice shooting their gun. But since shooting at stationary paper targets that don't shoot back doesn't even come close to approximating a lethal force encounter, why would anyone bother going to a gun range?

Although police officers and soliders have been killed in gun fights, there seems, at least to my own limited knowledge, to be no blanket indictment questioning the effectiveness of firearms.

If a police officer shoots and/or is shot, there's an investigation. And instead of people arguing whether or not guns work, one would hope that firearms instructors analyze actions that could be addressed during training.

Then it begs the question, if say for example, an Aikidoka gets beat up or loses a fight, why people wonder whether or not Aikido "works." In my opinion, it seems people are too eager to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

People practice Aikido for all different reasons. But if someone's reason is for self defense, then you'd better imagine someone who's bigger, stronger, faster and smarter than you if your Aikido is going to "work."

And another thing: why do people continually insist on having the "Aikidoka vs Boxer" debate? Some people have asked how you do Aikido techniques on a boxer because they punch faster and stronger. Aside from the fact that Boxing is a sport and Aikido is a martial art, why would anyone in their right mind try deal with someone's strengths? Realistically, wouldn't you want to exploit their weaknesses instead? But then again, maybe its just me...

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