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Daniel Linden (DGLinden) wrote:
You have touched upon one of the great myths of Aikido - that all of its Senseis are unbeatable martial masters. Truth be told, most of them could not last a single round with a modestly tained boxer from a no-name gym.

DJM: Whew! I'm glad whenever someone comes out and says that! (Where IS the unpronounceable one these days anyway?) It's so obvious when you sit back and think. But when the obvious is clouded by absurdity--think Sanctity of Life Day as authored by the Death Penalty Governer--we often seem overpowered. Tito Ortiz went to the top of the UFC in 18 months. 18. Segue back to Dan:

Sorry, its the truth. The two things which are never spoken are that it takes so many years to get any good at this art that you find yourself old before you are really competant.

But face it - we really like our specially trained ukes...

DJM: "Specially trained UKEs?! Uuuu! What you said!

As for the second - As Aikido teachers we are really limited as to our ability to deliver a body or head breaking strike simply because the average Sensei does not do any work on heavy bags or makiwara.

DJM: Spot on! Try a test: Next time someone comes in with a punch, just stand there or move into it. Chances are pretty good that it's going to hurt their wrist more than your abdomen.

DJM: Below, Mr. Nowicki agonizes, "If its so innefective when tested against modestly trained opponents why bother training the Aikido martial aspect?" That's the $64,000 question, isn't it. We here from the direct students that self-defense is sine qua non in aikido and yet, after Osensei, who has encouraged cross-training? We get the mixed message about spirituality and the invocation and expression of the universe, too, suggesting utility to be non sequitur; "Aikido is not about fighting." Well, I, for one, am confused. It's a murky question. I share Mr. Nowicki's confusion, appreciate Dan's incisiveness.

Don J. Modesto
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