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Daniel Lindon, Thank you for that isnightful post. I'm sure you had more training than I since I'm still a newby. I guess the point is that Aikido, although is very interesting to study (because of body mechanics, joint locks, etc.) is not really an effective martial art. Since a modestly trained boxer form a no name gym could defeat most of the Aikido masters.

If that is true, which I cant argue with due to my limited experence in Aikido, then my question is.

Why even bother training Aikido (as a martial art)? Are we all really fooling ourselves about this art? I understand that Aikido is more than a martial art with its philosophy, spiritual element etc. If thats all it is then why even bother with the martial aspect?

If its so innefective when tested against modestly trained opponents why bother training the Aikido martial aspect?

This is a very disturbing thought.

If its true, I guess I will take up some other martial art to complement Aikido since I had the impression that if I concentrate on Aikido (only) one day I will become profficient enough at it that I'll be able to defend myself. If thats not true, I will still take Aikido for its all wonderful "secrets" but will also take up boxing or something else to ensure that I can defend myself.

The main problem with that the way I see it is if I take up another martilal art, Its style of fighting will be so much different than Aikido that I will never end up using Aikido anyway. For instance the boxers Maai, stance and philosophy is greately different than Aikido so in a self defence situation I guess I'd have to just pick one over the other.

Considering that a modestly trained opponent could take me out if I use my Aikido skills, I guess I'd end up using the other martial arts skills I've learned. This of course comes back to the same question: why train the martial side of Aikido if its innefective?

Personally i'm not so sure about a modestly trained boxer taking out most of the Aikido masters in a fight, but like i mentioned before i'm still a newby.

I'd love to hear everyones thoughts on the matter.

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