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true grit

I have also visited a few dojos where the instructors learned weapons only from videos. I had to really control myself not to laugh because what they were doing looked more like kung fu movies (no disrespect) than aikido.
In the end, everyone has to take responsibility for their own training. My first teacher in the US was poorly qualified and trained and he new it. I had far more MA experience when I started taking his class, and students often asked me if I was better than the teacher.

I took responsibility for my situation and my training by frequently visiting higher-ranking teachers at every opportunity. Although I never blamed my teacher for his lack of knowledge and skill, it was clear that he was not highly motivated. He just wanted to practice the same basic things, over and over again. Nevertheless, I was happy to have a place to practice on a regular basis, and I never held his attitude against him. I maintained an attitude of respect and loyalty and never entered into discussions with other students regarding "who is better."

I was always a highly motivated martial artist. Many other students and teachers in aikido are not.

If one truly wants to improve and gain a complete understanding of aikido, one must sometimes improvise, adapt and overcome.

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