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Christian Freitag (TomanGaidin) wrote:
I'm thinking of renting Virtua Fighter 4, and getting it if it's good enough. Does Aoi still do aikido-ey moves in VF4, or is it only the earlier games?

Apart from that.. can anyone give an opinion on VF4 in the aspect of martial arts simulation? (Apart from health gauges, etc ;p)
Being a Virtual Fighter addict (From VR1 - VR4) and not a big fan of Tekken (no hate just not a fan), I can honestly say VF4 has some of the most realistic martial arts simulations ever. VF does not rely on long string combos, special powers, or non-existent techniques, their characters are based on well established styles (if not a little esoteric). I mean it's great to play a game and be able to do Kotegaishi, Shihonage, and Iriminage. I don't even mind losing in this game cause you get beat in the most beautiful ways.

Aoi is a great character. I have to admit I haven't master her moves yet. Being an Aiki-jitsuka her specialty is countering techniques so you actually have to time the other characters attack in order to execute a move (much like aikido). Although she has some preemptive techniques like Sumiotshi and Iriminage, and she has this great Tenkan where she smashes her elbow into you rib, an excellent Atemi. She can also Tenkan and step off the line of attack. Also, characters in VF can take breakfalls so they don't suffer as much damage from hitting the floor and get up in a smooth fluid motion. And they can even stop a throw from happening if they see it coming.

The other characters are also great. Being someone who practiced other martial arts and having friends who study other arts I see the realism in the other character. Sarah (my favorite character) is an excellent JKD practitioner, and Kage is a beautiful Jujitsuka. They even have a Shaolin Monk, Drunken Kung Fu expert, and a Praying mantis master for people who like the more esoteric martial arts.

Simply put, I actually learn stuff in VF that I can apply to my training, like Mai, Timing, and techniques. Cool as hell without sacrificing too much realism.

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