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I believe Tohei sensei teaches in Japan primarily. The Ki Society headquarters is in Tokyo, but I seem to remember a "Ki no Sato" dojo which is not in Tokyo. The Tokyo dojo is:

Ki no Kenkyukai Tokyo Hombu Dojo
Address: No. 101 Ushigome Heim 2-30 Hara-machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan 162
Phone: 81-(0)3-3353-3461-2
Fax: 81-(0)3-3353-1897
Updated: 20. Jun, 1999

Chiba sensei teaches at the San Diego Aikikai:

San Diego Aikikai
Address: 3844 Adams Av, San Diego, CA 92116
Phone: (619) 280-0082
Fax: (619) 280-7059
Instr: T.K. Chiba, 8th dan
Affiliat: USAF West
Updated: 3. Apr, 2000

Both of the above information can be found in the AikiWeb Dojo Search Engine.

-- Jun

PS: It's spelled "sensei"...

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