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like I mentioned before. I did not want my post to come off as I believe all that I read on some web page or have any negative connottation towards Segul Sensei. You are absolutely right that I should not call Judo Gene Labell "some stunt guy" . unfortunately the article that Iread on the above mentioned web site did not mention that Gene Labell had any martial arts background and I personally obviusly did not do sufficient research on the man to get information on his martial arts background.

To answer one of your statements, I do not pin my commitment to my training on the outcome of that one situation I didnt witness. I love Aikido and I dont think I will ever stop training or exploring it till I die.

Please accept my deepest appologies if I have offended you personally or anyone on this board by my post. It was not my intention dto do so. I just wanted to hear some comments from people who I consider the authority on the art instead of the reporters who wrote the articles.

I sincerely thank you for your answer to my post as it enlightened me for one on the martial atrs training of Gene Labell of which I was not aware of.

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