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I had a beagle who was a great pet. She had a wonderful personality and was by far my favorite of the dogs I had while growing up.

One day, I had long since moved out, she was out chasing rabbits when she came across some deer. I guess the deer didn't want to be disturbed because as I understand it they promptly trampled her to death. She was 11. My father said when he saw the deer they actually started his way. He promptly armed himself but the deer got the idea and vanished.

Everyone, myself included, was saddened by the loss. She was a great dog. But as I thought on it, it was the best possible way to go. She was doing something she loved to do, beagles are chasers, she was getting old (moving slower and more gently) and it was over very quickly.

She died doing her thing after a full life.

What better way to go?
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