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I have read several of the replies to this very interesting question. Many of them suggest a deal of intimacy with trainings and philosophies which I appreciate a great deal. One thing that sticks out for me is the idea that one training is for everyone. A one size fits all answer. I Love and respect my weapons training. I have been introduced to many of my own inner roadblocks through experience with bokken and jyo. It has been said that "true victory is self victory". I love weapons training, long hours dancing in a dimly lit room, only the sound of breathing, counts, and hakama as I skim the tatami. I have found many things there, some I have embraced, some I have revoked, some I don't know what to do with. But it is all me. Another may find that there is nothing of value. Who am I to say how another should (or should not) train? Domination and dictatorship were never among the principals of Aikido in my school. Still, I make this suggestion. In the weapons training, one may find there are demons and gods. I love it, hard as it may be. Next week I begin Kokoro Shugyo, and this practice brings me life. Katsujinken, and Satsujinto are the words my instructor used to describe intention of sword use. Do we bring the world together or cut it apart? It cannot be brought together if I say my way is the only way, or hold rigidly to anothers ideals.
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