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Re: Seagal Sensei.

Timothy Nelson (Mr.Rooster) wrote:
In my humble opinion, folks that bad mouth Seagal Sensei do so usually out of pure jealousy.

DJM: The Joseph McCarthy argument: "The real problem is with those disagreeing with my viewpoint..."

As a true fan of the sir however,

DJM: "True fan"--echoes of "true believer"...

Granted the media sucks and hate him for whatever reason

DJM: There are reasons. A true fan might prefer plucking out their eye to seeing them. From:

Ned Zeman writes in the October 2002 issue of Vanity Fair: "Seagal's film career is in a death spiral thanks in part to his vile, simian behaviour toward colleagues, women, employees and reporters - not to mention his serial dissembling, his dime-store theology and his all-round vulgarism."

and they will never print a stroy with the truth about him.

DJM: A tautology? IE, if it's not good, it's not the truth? Hmm...

However, as aikidoka or students of any style with aiki principles, I don't think it's proper anybody bad mouth a legitimate Sensei authenticated by a legitimate organization.

DJM: With the caveat: "Without good reason." There are reasons.

So, unless the sir does something really stupid like commit a priestlike felony, let's give him the benefit of the doubt.

DJM: Done. He's settled out of court on sexuall harrassment charges and according the the website above, is a bigamist.

Also, about his Aikido, I don't understand how anyone that truly knows anything at all about him can deny it's realness, authenticity, whatever you want a call it.

DJM: I've only heard good things about his aikido. Brings to mind Ellis Amdur's post on lineage where he says he's known too many good practitioners who were bad people...
Hi, Dan.

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