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Thumbs down Seagal Sensei.

In my humble opinion, folks that bad mouth Seagal Sensei do so usually out of pure jealousy.

As a true fan of the sir however, I do feel obligated to point out that it is does seem odd with all the charges flying around against the mafia and mafia types by him through the FBI. Granted the media sucks and hate him for whatever reason and they will never print a stroy with the truth about him. However, as aikidoka or students of any style with aiki principles, I don't think it's proper anybody bad mouth a legitimate Sensei authenticated by a legitimate organization. So, unless the sir does something really stupid like commit a priestlike felony, let's give him the benefit of the doubt.

Also, about his Aikido, I don't understand how anyone that truly knows anything at all about him can deny it's realness, authenticity, whatever you want a call it.

Leave the sir alone, and show your worthy of sharing the aiki spirit which means to back up your fellow aiki like their your family because in essence, they are.

Some folks are truly alive only because it's against the law to kill them. . .
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