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Life is but a door

I would tend to agree with Crystalwizard on this one, with a little of my own philosophy thrown in.

In my beliefs life is just an opportunity to learn and evolve, thus death is mearly a doorway into the next life (Hopefully a better one.)

This in mind, training or dealing with conflict, one is prepared to die instantly and we are keenly aware of this. It is part of our culture, and there is no thought of jobs left undone, or those left behind as that is their path and lessons to learn.

Now this would be a careless outlook without a qualifier. One may live an honorable life and make good decisions and move forward in our evolution, or one may play the fool and move backward. That choice is everpresent as well, a cockroach or a luminous being its all up to you.

One can live life or avoid death and go thru the motions.
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