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I'm not saying kata is bad or worthless. (read that a couple times, please) I've never said kata is worthless on this thread (read that a couple of times too) I'm saying that there is an environment (one that I'm going to call the "introduction stage" because the k-word is causing trouble) where I believe talking and examining: "what if", counters, timing, and the like is not a good use of time. That's all. <==== that last character is a period.

Think about the name of the stage "introduction". I'm thinking this is the stage we (as aikidoka) should be in when we show someone ikkyo for the first time, or koshi for the first time, etc.... If students are familiar with ikkyo or koshi or whatever, then there's no reason to be in the introduction stage that I can think of.

Does that clarify things?

As for the rest of your post, I'm going to write it off as our continued misunderstanding. Does that seem fair to you?
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