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I guess I am still willing to discuss this idea with Paul. (Please excuse my digression.)
Paul wrote:
Now, it's very easy for nage to not get hit in the side of the head. Nage can take both hands, cup the back of their head just above the ears, interlock their fingers and point their elbows straight in front of their face. Nage's forearms now protect the side of their head, so any attack will hit their forearm and not their head.
What if the uke is holding a sharp implement? The kata teaches what to do in a variety of situations, not just how to deny uke the opportunity to whack him upside the head.
Paul wrote:
Now, uke can very easily deny ikkyo to nage. As soon as uke strikes they can deliberately fall on their back before nage can even respond to the strike (action is faster than reaction). No ikkyo there.
Then uke's real attack was to touch nage and then fall down. No yokomen there. And I know that if you fall onto your back while I have contact with your arm, you might be minus an elbow due to your own body weight. That is a skill that is developed through kata, not a result of big muscles, a natural inclination to scrap, or a tough demeanor (of which I have zero).
Paul wrote:
Both of these behaviors are easy to do, take virtually no training, and make the exercise completely pointless.
I don't want to sound disrespectful of the people who are teaching you Aikido, but I would venture a guess that you've just never been challenged by someone who could stand you on your head with ikkyo or any other technique at will, regardless of how fast you attack or what counters you try to perform. You probably won't without having someone hurt you.

That's okay, it shows a strong spirit, and I admire that. My first martial arts teacher was the same way, had both of his wrists sprained by Kisshomaru Ueshiba from kotegaeshi. If you want to start your own training philosophy, then all the more power to you, but please don't say the method doesn't work if you have never defeated it in principle and application against world class people.

Jim Vance
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