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I agree with what Jun has stated. It is important that teachers continue to train as well. I remember reading a statement somewhere that said when you stop learning, you start dying. Anyway, I was curious as to where your dojo was located and it is very close to the town I grew up in. The background you have listed states that one of your teachers was Shihan Fumio Toyoda. You may want to contact the Aikido Association of America (Shihan Toyoda is the director of the AAA) by accessing their website at The AAA offers instructor seminars every year (I've attended them in the past and they are enjoyable and informative), as well as many other member services.

If your club decides to become affiliated with an Aikido organization, I would recommend choosing an organization that also has the same philosophy with regards to technique and training environment. For example, if the style of Aikido your club practices is Aikikai/Hombu you would be much better off becoming affiliated with an Aikikai/Hombu organization, not a Ki Society organization. I'm not implying one type of organization is better than the other, It just makes good sense.

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