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Ron Tisdale
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Hi Paul,

You're right, a few minutes on the mat would probably do wonders. Perhaps you are just not familiar with the way some of us perform "kata". I'm not sure that it always translates to the "introduction" phase. If that's the way you use it though, nothing wrong with that.

I've been hit in kata, I've hit my partner...its sure not something to brag about in either case, but it happens. Especially when pushing the envelope. Kondo Sensei refers to something called "promise training" which I think describes well the upper limits of what is possible by kata training. Its the kind of thing you do only with someone you know and trust really well. I've seen an entire dojo with two different groups of MAists go absolutely stone cold silent watching a partner and I do "kata" training. And I'm not even that good.

Ron Tisdale

Ron Tisdale
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