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Well, you got me stumped.

Either Paul is light years ahead of the rest of us, or I just don't plain "get" what he is talking about.

I can deny ikkyo or any other technique to anybody, I don't care if they are an Aiki-GOD. It's called not showing up, not bowing in, not participating. Bad stuff can happen to you if you walk out of the house, and there are those people who stay in their closets for that very reason. I like training in kata and Aikido for that very reason, I get to go into dangerous places with people who love me and take care of me.

I was hoping to maybe have some sort of intelligent discourse on what is kata and how timing affects it, thinking maybe we would get back to the original question (which I didn't really understand, sorry, kinda slow-witted, got to spell it out to this guy). I really didn't have the intent of getting this far off the topic, I apologize.

Still confused.

Jim Vance
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