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Just keep things in perspective.

After practicing aikido for a little more than a year, I have already been through some of those peaks and valleys. When I find my self in a valley, I step back and realize that I just finished coming over a peak. But now it is time that I must learn something new and I focus my energy there. I may have learned how to do shihonage, but what it seems like is that I can't do it right. However, what actually is happening is that my sensei and sempai are actually fine-tuning my technique. My valleys are the most important time for me. Because that is when I am learning and that is where I improve. The peaks just show me that my hard work pays off.

The peaks and valleys are just the process of learning. If you remind yourself of this, then the valleys won't seem so bad.

Anne Marie Giri
5th Kyu, Florida Aikikai
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