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Re: mechanics of koshinage

Fiona Darbyshire (Fiona D) wrote:
Just curious, having encountered koshinage a couple of times so far (only been doing aikido for 4 months...); here's a question for people who have done both aikido and either judo or jiujitsu:

-as far as the mechanics of koshinage are concerned, especially when it comes to uke's flight path, do you think that aikido koshinage is similar to the judo/jiujitsu hip throws, or does it have something of a kata guruma feeling (even though the points of contact on nage's body are somewhat lower)?

The first time someone did a koshinage on me, my first thought was that my fall felt a lot like ukemi from kata guruma.

Interested to know people's thoughts on this!
You are perfectly right, Fiona. It is a Kata Guruma but on the hips instead of on the shoulders. In judo it's called tsuri komi goshi.
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