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Kevin Wilbanks
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Re: Thoughts from the dark side....

Jim Vance (jimvance) wrote:
All this talk of lifting and lower body strength, special drills on where to put your arms, etc. Most anyone can deadlift more than they can benchpress, why is it easier to throw someone with the hands, as in most "kokyu nage", than it is in koshinage?
This is a fallacious argument. There is little relation between a benchpress and kokyunage, whereas the hip, knee, and ankle flexion of a deadlift or squat is very similar to the position assumed during koshinage.

Moreover, at no time during kokyunage, or any "hand" throw, is one required to lift uke's entire bodyweight off the ground. Ideally, it appears that once koshinage is smooth and quick, one need not hold uke up, but only provide a momentary obstacle for uke to 'trip' over, at the waist. However, during learning, the throw cannot safely be done perfectly at high speed, so there are many times when one must hold up uke's weight in a forward-leaning squat position. For those of us on the tall side, this can sometimes be a pretty deep bend of the knees and hips, and an uke can easily weigh upwards of 200 pounds.
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