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Greg Jennings
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norman telford wrote:
the only full time aikido course is yoshinkan style in japan and its called the sensushi course
I'm afraid that's not correct. There are a great many uchideshi programs around. There is a link to a page listing several such in an earlier post in this thread.

I'm, of course, more familiar with the Iwama uchideshi program. I know of several people that have trained there for *years*.

The pertinent question is money. If the original poster can afford it, I'm sure that he can find a program. If he wants someone to accept him as an uchideshi in trade for being dedicated to aikido, I'm afraid he will not.

Also, from the tone of his message on this thread and what I read on Aikido Journal, I'd think he should consider training longer before taking on an uchideshi program.

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Greg Jennings
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