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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to remind people that I would like to get all donations and such for the raffle in by the end of the day today. I'm planning on setting up a "raffle ticket" item in the AikiStore here, most likely for $5 each with each raffle ticket being a chance to win one of the donations. If all goes well, we'll start the raffle this upcoming Monday and run the raffle for probably at least a week. I'll then draw the winners for each item, contact the person who is donating the item with the winner's address, and ask them to send the item to the winner. I'll then total up the amount (less PayPal charges) and send it off to the Barbara Bowen medical fund.

Let's hope this all works out!

Any questions at this point?

PS: Lan Powers has let me know that he's donating a "tanto from Robert Pyle, a custom knifemaker in the area." Sounds great, Lan. Thanks!

-- Jun

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