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Jeff Tibbetts wrote:
Hmmİİİ I wasn't going to get into this thread, but now that Buddhism is brought into it I can't help itİ I've heard that he is a devout Buddhist as well, which is fineİ I heard that he also makes a point to wear his Buddhist prayer beads in all of his movies, also greatİ The one thing I have a hard time reconciling is that one of the prime t goals of Buddhism is to extinguish the EGO, the selfİ I'm sorry, but everything I hear about Seagal-san is that he thinks very much of himselfİ His ego would seem to me and many others to be a great hindrance to accepting his Spirituality as trueİ If this isn't true, I think that it is careless of him to have let his public image reflect that, and in all honesty I don't see how it would reflect that on such a scale as it does if there were no truth to itİ Anyone who comes off as macho and self-centered as he does has to then fight a battle to show people how Spiritual he is, and it doesn't help if he's wearing some "shiny spangly jacket" while he's talkingİ Of course, I think the issue is more with what he projects in the media and through his own actions than what he really thinks, how could anyone know that unless they knew himİ As for his Aikido, I just wish he'd use it in his movies, that's allİ I for one am sick of people asking wether I can do all that stuff that he does in the movies :¤
Since you want to delve into the topic of buddhism.

The Buddhist doctrine of egolessness is what I think you are referring to. Alot of westerners confuse buddhist ego with what is commonly referred to as the Fruedian ego. The Buddhist ego is a collection of mental events classified into five categories, called skandhas...roughly: confusion, identification, exploration, perception, and finally consciousness.

Now aikido and ego is a completely different topic.

As for aikido in his movies... From my understanding he is no longer allowed to use his students as uke's and stuntment just cannot take ukemi for him ( if you watch above the law and his earlier movies, nice aikido). Therefore he has to resort to moviedo.

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