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[quote="Tim HarleyWe need to be careful in judging someone's ability by what Hollywood portrays.[/QUOTE]
Well said!! Although I remember seeing a web site that had a write up of a Seminar conducted by Seagal Sensei in France (IIRC) and it was all a bit pants according to this person!!

Seagal was late arriving, rambled for ages about spiritual stuff whilst on the stage wearing one of his shiny spangly jackets and showed them almost no Aikido at all!!

That said, it still doesn't mean his Aikido isn't any good, just that his ego AT THAT TIME must have been colossal to think that was what people wanted!!

There is talk in the media of another court case involving Seagal and the 'mob' - where he has gone to court over them using threats and extortion on him. Some would say that oh, he knows Aikido etc why doesn't he just do what he does in his films etc? Hell, I think he is doing the right thing by not getting in to that type of confrontation with them!! Surely avoiding the conflict is more Aiki...

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