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Ron Tisdale
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Hi Paul,

I think you are expressing yourself ok, but I'm not going to bite on the "better" part...try it for yourself and see if it yields any results.

To give you some insight into my perspective...keiko is the japanese word for training...I believe it means something like "to reflect on the past". To me, that means to look closely at the traditions that my practise comes from, and to glean as much from them as possible. In terms of the current discussion, one of my teachers has found that the training hightens the ability to use early timing. I agree. I'm sure there are other ways...they may even be better. But I do keiko...for the most part...which means that I'm using the traditions in the branch of aikido I practise. This is not to say I don't think for myself, or go outside for occational practise or even focus on other things. Or that other traditions don't foster this very thing in another way. Shodokan aikido would probably use just the sort of thing you suggest very well. Its just that my focus is on yoshinkan "keiko".

Ron (got to get me some shodokan, someday) Tisdale

Ron Tisdale
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