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Paula Lydon (Paula Lydon) wrote:
Do you every train to move when you perceive uke's intention toward you (attack)in the subtlest forms?

Mr. Tisdale has already summed it up pretty well, only difference is that in the dojo where I train (=Aikikai) we go about it in a slightly less formal way than the Yoshinkan people.
paul watt (paw) wrote:
If one person knows the other person will launch a physical attack in a specified manner, they can begin their response as early as they like and then explain it away as "the attacker was begining to attack" or "the attacker had the intention to attack", couldn't they?
They won't be able to keep up appearances during jiyuwaza/randori though.

Besides, starting a certain technique even before an attack is initiated never works, unless uke is willing to play along. Where is the martial art in that?
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