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Re: eh

Anna Thompson (YEME) wrote:
isn't that the same though when they introduce others as e.g. 'Heiko san' but never use 'san' after their own name to introduce themselves.
Its got a whole new meaning in english...and does taking aikido classes mean I have to learn Japanese as well?
I wouldn't consider knowing how to address oneself (and others) in the art you're learning as having to learn an entirely different language. I'd say it's just part of the etiquette to know how to address yourself and others. I'm sure the same happens when you're learning something like medicine, ballet, and other such endeavors. It only takes a few seconds to understand "Don't call yourself sensei" and "When addressing others, use 'Such-and-such sensei' rather than 'sensei Such-and-such'"...

Of course, if you didn't know such a rule, you can't fault someone for not knowing. But, just as many people in a foreign country appreciate it immensely (like I've experienced in Germany, Spain, and Thailand) when you try to speak their language, I'd say the same can be said here.

-- Jun

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