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Re: translation

Anna Thompson (YEME) wrote:
i get when sensei introduces himself/herself to new students as e.g. Sensei John
This is exactly what I believe what Erik was referring to in his original post. As I wrote, I think it's odd to hear such ("Hi, I'm John sensei.")
(to english speakers putting sensei at end is like saying I am Thompson Mrs. isn't it?)
No, it's natural to say something like "Smith sensei" in Japanese (in the same manner as "Smith san"). It's unnatural (as well as, basically, grammatical incorrect in Japanese) to hear "sensei Smith."

Perhaps as a data point to all of this, I'll say that my current teacher who is Japanese introduces himself to people, even aikido folks, by his first name. When he leaves a message on the phone, he'll call himself by his first name. When he signs his e-mail (in Japanese to me, at least), he'll usually sign it with his first or last name.

-- Jun

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