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I think you are being melodramatic with the idea of resolution and peace etc.

Aikido is not mysticism. It is a system of physical training that gives us choices in our endeavor to deal with a changing violent world.

All Aikido is, all it teaches, is to find an attackers center, move him out of it and then resolve the attack. All the technique we learn, and please undrstand that all forms of technique are extremely rudimenarty examples, are methods of breaking a persons center.

A master of the art rarely does 'standard' aikido when playing. He doesn't need it. a master of the art can break a persons center by a thousand subtle techniques that are hardly recognized by those coming up through the ranks.

Not Aikido, but I will give you a good example. Michael Jordan. He would bring the ball up-court and as his defender would move up to stop him, MJ would glance or 'look' one way or another. The defender, knowing how fast and smooth he was would respond instantly in that direction - and MJ would take it into the paint and up for 2 points.

MJ could 'look off' a defender and Thomas, it was the purest Aiido I have ever seen.

The beauty of aikido is that if one studies the principles, and we do that through our 'language' of technique, we get to a point where 'technique' is meaningless. It is all about center and balance and movement.

Once one controls these things you don't bother with the idea of "which is best", it is irrelevant. You place the attacker in the most appropriate place and be done with it.

All that having been said, I often teach a series of techniques that I call 'Brother-in-law" techniques, which are good for subduing but not breaking my ukes. Good stuff and with a little thought you will find them on your own, I am certain. Good luck.

Daniel G. Linden
Author of ON MASTERING AIKIDO (c) 2004
Founder Shoshin Aikido Dojos
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