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Patrik Eng (Ta Kung) wrote:
I've come up with yet another question in this matter: Do you prefer to sit in seiza or with your legs crossed (lotus)?

I guess my question is this; is it better to sit then to lay down? Does it matter which you choose? You always see people meditating in lotus or seiza, but maybe it's just because "it's the way everyone else does it"?


If you develop a routine like waking early for meditation or going to a zen session with a group you may find yourself in the same position each time, depending on where you are. If you are really practicing and meditate wherever you find yourself you may find yourself in different positions. I like them all. In seiza - or burmese - a small round pillow is customary to sit on between your feet. this relieves some of the pressure on your knees. When using a chair be sure not to sit all the way back into it, rather, at the edge. Waliking meditation is good alone or with others. try to pace yourself to your breathing. In all cases I was instructed never to close my eyes. In any case I think getting comfortable is far easier than other issues. Breathing for example. I am surprised each time I notice someone breathing incorrectly - that is, in the opposite direction of our diaphragm. A zen monk I know wrote a book on prayer and the smal chapters were the ones on postures and the long chapters were on breathing.

Try them all.

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