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Bruce Baker
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You know what? Nope.

Funny thing about Aiki, it is both the becomining one with the Universe, being able to summon the forces of mind, body, and spirit .... and yet we embody the use of aiki as the energy that it takes to have life, or drawn upon energy to increase action within the motions of that life's actions to create harmony from disharmony.

As much as Aiki is not, it is defined as the actions of what we do, or the physical movements that define energy being used to create actions.

So, it is the measurement of energy by observation of movement, and yet it is not the movements that are the moving force, but the force that creates the movements.

I equate the understanding of harmonious forces that allow us to have the term Aiki as being not just Ki or Ai but the formulation of mind, thought, and deed that can not be describe by individual items, but are grouped into a common term that sends us in the right direction just like someone to "head west to find the river." Within that general direction the goal is achieved, or at least experienced with a give set of parameters.

Aiki? Hmmm...

Some people describe it as the right thing to do, the action, thought, and deed that rise to our expectations.

Aiki used in real life situations?

I guess that depends if you consider it a spiritual thought, or a practical description of thought and actions being explained by someone who has actually used this intangible idea to affect action and deed?

I guess we could disect the word, like the word 'assume.'

When you assume, you make an ass of 'U' and me... or that another lesson of learning Aiki?

The pieces are not always the meaning of the entirety?

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