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Bruce Baker
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different levels of meditation

(The term moving is to be considered the physical act of movement, not the spiritual aspect of emotionally being moved.)

There are many levels of meditation, and some of them are as simple as relaxing, taking a few breaths, and letting your thoughts go where they may, until you settle in a calm place that resolves the thoughts, or at least puts them away so you can relax.

Moving meditation, such as becoming deeply involved in an activity that takes up you entire attention, or diverts your attention so the conscious mind can rest while the subconscious mind wrestles with turmoil, problems that unsettle you, are just as effective as sitting and keying on static meditation techniques.

Don't get caught up with meditation being only the deep mantra eyes closed picture most people have when they hear meditation.

Many of the key training techniques of Aikido are a form of moving meditation. How many times have you been told to leave your problems at the door when you train so that you can relax? A perfect example of moving meditation.

Just because you are not chanting or sitting in seiza doesn't mean you can't use meditation in other forms and other ways to rest, relax, and regain balance.

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