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Fiona Darbyshire (Fiona D) wrote:

Could be that I'm describing it rather badly; could be that it is taught genuinely differently; it's rather hard to say based on my current experience. Certainly the cuts I'm learning in our bokken suburi look and feel very different to the iaido cuts I've been learning (easier to see than to describe verbally, admittedly). Hopefully I'll get the chance over the next few years to explore the variations within aikido too..... I'm really quite curious about this now - how would you describe the style of cutting taught in your dojo's bokken suburi sessions?
Hi again Fiona!

I've been giving it a little bit of thought. Actually I think I understand now, what you mean, and I guess there is a bit of difference between what we do for aiki-toho (aiki-based iaido style) and for aikido-suburi practice too. Maybe it's because suburi is often repetitive movements at a higher speed than iaido/to-ho. This could cause some cuts to become a bit 'sloppy'. I am under the impression that you practice Iwama-ryu, but have you ever had any experience with the other major aikido-tradition in Denmark ? We are influenced by Nishio Sensei, and like Saito Sensei he emphazises the sword and the jo as important aspects of aikido - but in quite different ways as far as I know.

You mention yourself that these are matters easilier shown than explained in writing, so if you get the chance to go to Odense during easter, come take a look at the easter camp. I'm sure you're welcome to join in if you like. Afterwards we can discuss cutting techniques and iaido-styles over a cold beer (only one though - before the second the swords have to be put away for safety reasons )

If you ever come to Aarhus you are welcome in Aarhus Aikikai as well. Just drop me a mail beforehand.

For more information check out:

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