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I have tried two other types of martial arts (one of which included Karate , but i felt i did not fit into these catagories. I have now decided to do a little research on the thing i try. I'd apprectiate it if a few of you could answer my questions thanks.

I am a sophmore in High School. I'm a generally peaceful person and dont really get in any conflicts. But i have always been pretty facinated with pressure points and the human body. I met this one dude who could grab my wrist and a second later i'd be begging him to let go. I read on the web that Akido has to do with pressure points and utilizing someone's energy against him/her. I do not plan on entering any tournments but hope that in the future if i get in a fight i will be able to defend myself. Through practice I wish to be like my friend and make someone submitt to me just by grabbing his wrist. I understand Akido has to do with alot of Phycology and stuff. I am aware of this and am also intrigued by it. My main goal is to be able to defend myself when people feel they are able to walk all over me.

A few other questions, what is the dogo and the BJJ? i read a few posts and wondered what they were.

If you feel Akido is not the right martial art for me, do you think i could get some advise or where to find more info on other martial arts?

I thank you for taking the time to read this and hope you can help me out.

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