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Chuck Gordon (LOEP) wrote:

By all means, if you get the chance, do play kendo for a while It will inform your aikido immensely.

Thanks Chuck for your encouragement!

I would like to ask you 2 questions since you are mostly into classical koryu arts.

Is it true that striking style is different between kenjutsu and kendo? I heard that in kenjutsu (as well as aikiken) strikes are intended to cut down an opponent, hence the wide movements, while kendo uses short movements because the purpose is to hit the opponent with the shinai as fast as possible, but the point winning blows in kendo would not be effective in cutting down with a real sword.

One more point, the areas which get you points in kendo are normally heavily protected by armor. Therefore, kenjutsu techniques are usually aimed at unprotected areas such as armpits, knees, back... etc. and these are illegal in kendo.

Having practiced competitive Judo for many years, I sadly found out that I reached a certain stage where I could not consciously do a full simple technique anymore, but was continuously concentrating on feints, switching techniques, and counter-attacks. I am not sure how it is in kendo, but I worry that shiai conditions would produce a similar effect.


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