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All of them are liars, liars, liars, liars, and all of their pants are on fire too.

I don't see a prayer to whatever god you choose (my current is gord, due to a recent spelling error which I liked) of my learning this puppy in 20 years. Still a few to go but recent studies are proving it unlikely that I will nail it in 20 years unless something radical happens in the next few years.

I liken my recent experiences with this puppy to pushing a car around with the emergency brake on (actually I understand a recall is pending on my Ford's e-brake so it might be better than it sounds). I suppose if I got in the car and started the engine...but that seems a long way off because someone keeps moving the door on me.

Perhaps O'Sensei was referring to good students?

PS: In case my missive was unclear, 20 years is how long it's supposed to take you to learn irimi nage.

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