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yeah i tend to collect hobbies too.

rockclimbing, mountain bike riding, just about to start scuba diving and would love to get back into some more team sports not to mention doing some qi gong and yoga and many many other things like mountaineering, hang gliding..... the list goes on. at the same time trying to deal with university assignments and exams.

fortunately i dont work (well not regularly anyways) and dont intend to start soon. work just gets in the way of my life hahaha.

but aikido comes first and foremost. i feel i have to choose one of them because if you keep changing from thing to thing you will get nowhere. it is only by dedicated and regular practice can you achieve anything. besides all my other hobbies were only ever made possible by the loss of fear and the desire to embrace life to the fullest that aikido has instilled in me.

happiness. harmony. compassion.
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